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Duncan Wyse Individual Bio

Duncan John Wyse is a performance-driven commercial specialist with a proven track record of improving business performance. Wyse is known for his ingenuity, leadership skills, and work ethic. These traits ensure he leaves a huge impression in all the organizations he serves.

Beyond his professional life, he also has an active and fulfilling personal life.

Business Experience

Duncan John Wyse is the Sales Manager at Oceans Technologies in Houston, Texas. In his ten-plus years as a business executive, he's worked at several companies, including StormGeo, Lockheed Martin, Nowcasting, Bacardi, and others.

In his various capacities, Duncan John Wyse has been responsible for different things, all of which he achieved great success. Prime examples include overseeing the design and delivery of comprehensive business development strategies.

For instance, he was the Solution Selling Manager at Lockheed Martin. By securing major contracts such as ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, and Scottish Power, he was able to boost business outcomes significantly.

In his first year alone, Duncan John Wyse’s revenue contribution for Lockheed was £1.5 million.

Such is the career of Duncan John Wyse. When he takes on a challenge, he fully commits to it. In turn, success follows him. His time at Nowcasting is another excellent example, as he grew the company's UK territory by 19%.

A notable achievement of Duncan John Wyse, however, is his knack for building revenue streams from the ground up into successful operations. He’s done this with several green field regions in the North Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe that are now market leaders.

So, considering Duncan John Wyse’strack record and international experience, it comes as no surprise that Wyse always attracts recruiters.

Some of Duncan John Wise’s key skills include:

International business development


Business strategy

International sales

Key account development

Program and project management

Strategic planning and execution

Program and project management

Team building and leadership

Mergers and acquisitions

Operational and process development


After completing high school, Duncan John Wyse advanced to the University of Strathclyde in 1998. There, he completed his Bachelor's with honors in business and graduated in 2002, ready for the job market. He also holds a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification.

Thus far, Duncan John Wyse has had a successful and admirable career. But he remains ambitious and hungry to achieve numerous personal and professional milestones.

Although he can easily advance to more senior positions with his track record, he’s not one to leave anything to chance. That’s why he chose to further his education in 2019. He’s currently doing an MBA in Business Administration and Management at Quantic School of Business and Technology.


A simple glance at Duncan John Wyse’s professional career and achievements depicts a man whose only interest is career progression. But, that’s not the case. Wyse loves sports and keeping fit. You'll find him at his local country club, Northgate, when he's not working. In between the rounds of golf, he catches up with friends, relaxes, and is sometimes able to form meaningful business connections.

Aside from golfing, Duncan John Wyse loves running and Crossfit. He signs up for Triathlons whenever he gets an opportunity. Just recently, he participated in the 2022 Ironman triathlon in Texas. His performance was as follows:

Swimming- 1:29:10

Cycling- 7:27:29

Running- 6:30:40

To most, spending close to 16 hours doing such activities is self-torture. But for Duncan John Wyse, it's fun and a great way to keep in shape.

He transfers such resilience and commitment to work, translating into impeccable results.

Travel and Music

Duncan John Wyse loves traveling. It's one of his guilty pleasures. Luckily, his jobs have taken him from St Andrews, Fife, to all over the world. His professional travels have taken him across the UK and beyond.

While working for Lockheed Martin and Nowcasting, his region of operation was the UK. But his scope of travel would increase after joining StormGeo. There he traveled across the Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, Duncan John Wyse has traveled to 3 continents, including North America.

Something else Duncan John Wyse loves is listening to music. Since he was young, music has been his go-to method of relaxing and inspiring him to push harder. If his Mixcloud account is anything to go by, his taste in music is also broad, perhaps mimicking his travels.

Volunteer Work

A key motivation powering Duncan John Wyse’s success is his genuine desire to see his companies and others succeed.

This trait is also evident in his personal life. He’s a volunteer firefighter for the Southside Place Fire Department. Akin to his strengths, the volunteer group’s responsibilities are establishing policy, delegating authority, and organizing and controlling fire fighting initiatives.

The volunteers also submit ordinances for consideration to improve safety in the community and update the city's administration on the current issues the fire department is facing. Duncan John Wyse has maintained his capacity as a volunteer for close to six years. During this period, he's been an invaluable member.


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